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Many Change Makers are frustrated by the usage of technology. Their frustration is intensified by the ever-expanding tech landscape and lack of expertise.

Are You Ready to Radically Transform?

Aspiring and Professional Developers seek to acquire the skills that will help them become in-demand and indispensable. They spend countless hours looking for the best learning materials, studying them, all while wondering if they really selected the right resources.

Engineering Leaders are looking to hire and retain diverse talent. They typically talk to their colleagues who echo their same beliefs, life experiences, and sometimes identity as their organizations fall behind in tapping into global markets all while wondering if they are responsible.

Founders, Technologist, and Investors pursue ideas and opportunities that will hopefully benefit the world and themselves. They have numerous conversations attempting to paint pictures as well as trying to see the picture of potential products all while wondering and not so secretly wishing they could actually interact with the product.

Businesses Grow and Expand with Technology

At Mosaic Presence, we partner with clients to develop a deeper understanding and utilization of technology so they can radically transform the world.

From Start to Success

  • In-demand software development skills
  • Increased earning potential
  • Ensure JEDI environments
  • Leading for the future, no longer from the past
  • Test product-market fit of your product
  • Pitch investors
  • Acquire equity
  • Expand skills and connections
  • Improve due diligence
  • Increase deal flow

You Can Transform Today

Mosaic Presence Tech Transformations are rooted in 3 Pillars:


Development Training

Preparing for the Future for Individuals and Organizations who want to Radically Transform possibilities.

Mosaic Presence partners and teaches you technology and its concepts so you can immediately apply and benefit from your knowledge and skills.


Leadership Consulting

Transforming Organizations for Individuals and Companies who want to Radically Transform work.

Mosaic Presence partners and advises you to establish inclusive and innovative environments so you can engage, attract, and promote equitable representation.


End-to-End Software Development Service

Building Dreams for Founders, Operators, and Investors who want to Radically Transform the world.

Mosaic Presence partners and collaborates with you to deliver solid and functional MVPs so you can build traction and explore funding.

You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time. 

– Angela Davis

Mosaic Presence

At Mosaic Presence, we partner with clients to develop a deeper understanding and utilization of technology so they can radically transform the world.


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