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Many Engineering Leaders are frustrated by status-quo leadership that lacks courage, equity, and humanity

Are You Ready to Radically Transform? Here’s how I can help.

Break through challenges like

  • Not having anyone to openly share challenges and get honest feedback
  • Afraid of getting it wrong, but knowing things must change
  • Contributing to environments that favor some, but not everyone
  • Being present and looking ahead at the same time

As a result of engaging Mosaic Presence

Engineering Leaders will…

  • Acquire Essential Leadership Skills
  • Build Engaged Teams
  • Cultivate Equitable Environments

Businesses Grow and Expand with ChangeMaker Leadership

Provide Vision and Direction ~ Cultivate a Healthy Culture ~ Improve Productivity ~ Motivate and Inspire

ChangeMaker Leadership Outcomes

  • Strengthen Self-Awareness
  • Develop Courage
  • Move with a Sense of Intention and Purpose
  • Improve Communication
    • Give and Receive Feedback
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Public Speaking
  • Ensure an Equitable and Inclusive Environment
  • Motivate and Inspire Teams
  • Taking on and Delegating Responsibility
  • Leading for the future, no longer from the past

You Can Transform Today

Mosaic Presence ChangeMaker Leadership Development is rooted in 3 Pillars:

Self Awareness

Understand Self & Set Boundaries

Self-awareness in leadership is essential to being an excellent leader. However, developing self-awareness requires a willingness to self-assess and a commitment to self-growth.

Mosaic Presence partners with you to develop the strategies needed to improve your self-awareness–leadership.

Communication Skills

Inspire & Influence Effectively

Communication is more than the mechanics of sharing and receiving information. When leaders communicate well, they can inspire people and transform organizations.

Mosaic Presence partners with you to develop the speaking and listening abilities to effectively influence and inspire change.

Team Development

Engage Their Fullest Potential

Excellent leadership is about building up the people around you and enabling them to contribute their expertise while promoting inclusivity, trust, and a growth mindset.

Mosaic Presence partners with you to cultivate a highly collaborative, inclusive, and effective team that delivers remarkable results.

You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time. 

– Angela Davis

Mosaic Presence

At Mosaic Presence, we partner with Engineering Leaders to transform themselves by developing leadership skills and strategies to significantly impact their organization and beyond.


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