Great Story, Right?

How Did You Get into Computers, Joy?

In the sixth grade, I had a teacher, Ms. Augustine, who taught programming on dummy terminals writing BASIC — line number 100.., line number 200…, line number 300…, need to add something line number 150…. She encouraged my parents to get me a Commodore 64 and my mom steeped in the belief that knowledge is power made the Commodore 64 happen.

Great story, right? It is! However, there’s more, in fact, a lot more. The “why” is the more. Why was Ms. Augustine so successful in getting me excited about computing? You see, Ms. Augustine looked like me. So in Ms. Augustine, I saw my possibilities.

Mosaic Presence provides the image/vision to conceive and the knowledge/guidance to believe resulting in awesome achievement!

Image of Commodore 64 computer system

Joy Dixon is a Visionary and Entrepreneur 

Joy has worked professionally for 20+ years as a network administrator, software engineer, and technical trainer.

Joy holds a Bachelor’s degree in African-American Studies, a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, and several professional certifications. In the course of a diverse career, Joy has led development teams and designed and developed applications using several languages including Java, Python, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, and Swift. In addition, she has configured and administered networks for global companies.

Joy loves learning new technologies and has a great deal of passion for training. In 2008, Joy decided to move into technical training in order to assist people with successfully utilizing technology. Joy has designed and delivered online and in-person, web and game development, courses for the University of Virginia, the Art Institute of California-San Francisco, the Academy of Art University as well as AcademyX (professional training center).

Technology and training are Joy’s bliss!

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

– Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Mosaic Presence

At Mosaic Presence, we partner with clients to develop a deeper understanding and utilization of technology so they can radically transform the world.


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