Mosaic Presence Curriculum will teach you the craft of Software Engineering, taking you from a novice to a professional, fully capable of moving beyond entry-level.

Our curriculum focuses on the why, understanding and application, in an inclusive, dynamic, fun and encouraging community.

When you successfully complete a Mosaic Presence course you will have…

  • Increased options and opportunities

  • Impressive skills to build your career as an entrepreneur, engineer, educator…, from anywhere in the world

  • Influential presence in technology and your community


Mosaic Presence curriculum guides you through the stages from beginner to professional, student to teacher and dreamer to achiever!

Mosaic Presence Classes






The stages allow you to decide where you want to start, how far you want to go, and in which direction.

Do I need development experience to start?
You only need a strong desire to learn and a willingness to do what’s necessary to be successful.

Can I take any class?
Yes! For all classes, except Jump Start Development, you will be required to have successfully passed either Jump Start Development and/or In-Depth Development, or pass the Mosaic Presence Assessment Test for the class you wish to take.
I’m Ready!