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Self-Awareness ~ Communication Skills ~ Team Development

The need for leadership development has never been more urgent. To thrive in today’s uncertain and complex global markets, organizations need to expand and strengthen their leadership skills because what worked in the past won’t drive future success.

Engineering Leaders of Leaders

Many Engineering Leaders have built collaborative teams that delivered. Yet, they aspired to build teams that were also diverse, inclusive, and adaptable. Now, they must train leaders to build and lead teams.

However, they still struggle to build and lead an ideal team.

Engineering Leaders of ICs

Many Engineering Leaders want to build equitable, diverse, collaborative, and high-performing teams.

However, they lack fundamental leadership skills: courage, communication, and cultural competence that will facilitate them in accomplishing their goals.

Aspiring Engineering Leaders

Many Aspiring Engineering Leaders are curious about moving into leadership and expanding their scope and influence.

However, they lack guidance, support, and a clear plan with actionable steps to move forward.

Lead Yourself: Enhance Your Abilities & Achieve Measurable Results

ChangeMaker Leadership Development provides:

  • Comprehensive Leadership Assessment
  • Personalized ChangeMaker Leadership Development Plan
  • ChangeMaker Leadership Development Training 
  • 1:1 Coaching 
  • Certification

Your ChangeMaker Partner and Coach

Mosaic Presence ChangeMaker Leadership Development will be your partner and coach for your growth and transformation through candid 360-evaluations, self-awareness building, learnings application, as well as individual and group coaching. 

ChangeMaker Leadership Development Process

Guiding You From Essential Leadership Skills To Impacting Your Organization

ChangeMaker Leadership Development Process

  • Schedule an Initial Call to answer your questions
  • Have an Overview Session and set Leadership Development Goals
  • Complete 360-Evaluations (self, team, etc.)
  • Integrate Leadership Development Goals and Evaluation Data to create a ChangeMaker Leadership Development Plan
  • ChangeMaker Leadership Development (Fundamentals)
    • Virtual Training Meeting Cadence: Weekly
    • Program Length: 12 Weeks
    • Coaching Sessions:
      • 3 – 1:1 Coaching Sessions
      • 4 – Group Coaching Sessions
  • ChangeMaker Leadership Development (Advanced)
    • Virtual Training Meeting Cadence: Weekly
    • Program Length: 12 Weeks
    • Coaching Sessions:
      • 7 – 1:1 Coaching Sessions
      • 3 – Group Coaching Sessions
  • Certify
  • Schedule On-going Coaching Sessions (optional)

Do not desire to fit in. Desire to oblige yourselves to lead.

– Gwendolyn Brooks

Mosaic Presence

At Mosaic Presence, we partner with Engineering Leaders to transform themselves by developing leadership skills and strategies to significantly impact their organization and beyond.


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