What Is The Mosaic Presence Curriculum Training Subscription?

Mosaic Presence Curriculum is available for your classroom!

The Mosaic Presence Curriculum Training Subscription provides access to the resources, guidance and support needed to successfully deliver Mosaic Presence courses.


Who Can Deliver A Mosaic Presence Course?

To become a Subscriber, one must demonstrate proficiency of the course’s content.  Our Mosaic Presence Subscriber Training will prepare you as a subject matter expert and innovative teacher.

Mosaic Presence Subscriber Training Certification is awarded upon the completion of…

  • Mosaic Presence Subscriber interview

  • Mosaic Presence course you wish to teach

  • Mosaic Presence Train-the-Trainer course


What You Will Receive With Your Subscription

When you sign up for Mosaic Presence Curriculum Training Subscription you will receive access to the material to deliver the course(s) including:

  • Lesson Plans

  • Presentations

  • Handouts/Exercises

  • Homework Assignments

  • Software Development Training Software

  • Midterm Exam

  • Final Exam

  • Grading and feedback guidelines

Along with the material, you’ll also receive Weekly Train-the-Trainer Office Hours where you can pose questions, share learnings, and provide feedback so we can continue improving!

Join us in expanding opportunities and creating community!