Bird ~ Branch ~ Belief

A little bird with a brown head and wings and an orange front on a branch with thorns. With text that reads, A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not on the branch but on its own wings. Always believe in yourself.

As I was scrolling my feed, I came across a post that had a picture similar to the one here, of a bird sitting on the end of a tiny branch.

When I read the post I smiled. As it was an awesome reminder to have faith in myself (within) instead of anything external.

On that day, I really needed that message. About six months prior, I had released a toxic workplace and was still looking for my next right opportunity so as my monetary resources weren’t flowing in as they had been and the job redirection emails seemingly kept coming in, I was feeling frustrated, angry, and mostly like I had let myself down. I started questioning my decision.

We typically know when a situation is no longer serving our highest good or is simply hurting us. Then almost instantly, we have a tendency to start thinking of all the reasons why we need to stay in it — income, love, and identity being just a few. However, our knowing knows so we find the courage to move on but then things may turn out differently than hoped for which can leave us feeling discouraged and regretful. 

Have you ever questioned your decision based on your results?

Let that go.

Here’s what I learned…

1. Don’t judge your decision based on immediate results. Caterpillars disintegrate first.

2. Loving yourself enough to have the courage to choose your well-being is always and in all ways the best decision.

3. Remember your power and protect your peace.

Have faith in your wings and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

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